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How the Simpsons’ “Marge Simpson” tattoo helped to shape modern comics

How the Simpsons’ “Marge Simpson” tattoo helped to shape modern comics

The cartoon characters who populate “Mangum Simpson,” “Miles Prower,” “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening, and the rest of the Simpsons family of misfits are often portrayed as “unpopular” and even “dumb,” but a recent tattoo artist’s work has changed all that.

In “Manga” #1 (October 1993), the titular character is tattooed on his back with the word “I.”

It’s not a particularly subtle choice—it’s the kind of tattoo that makes you think, “I would never tattoo that.”

The “I” tattoo was also used in a number of other “Miggy” comics, and in “Mocktail Makers” #5 (March 1997), the character’s name is tattoo on the back of his right arm.

The tattoo is made of three dots that run across the back and are adorned with an image of a smiling Marge Simpson.

This tattoo on Marge is a reminder that Marge’s “I”-inspired character is more than just a caricature; it’s also a reflection of the people who created her.

“I am a real person,” Marge writes in “The Simpsons: A Tale of Two Cities,” a story that’s both about Marge and about how the series started.

In the same way, this tattoo on a cartoon character’s back helps to remind us that Mange’s character is a real-life, real-world person.

It also serves as a reminder to other cartoonists that if they don’t want to use a cartoon’s trademark image on their own work, they can still be creative and creative and keep it to themselves.

This is a good thing.

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