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Why the Indian cartoon cat is a success story

Why the Indian cartoon cat is a success story

The Indian cartoon cats have been hailed as a success in a country where most children are unable to read.

But a new book says they also have a problem with racism and stereotypes. 

The book, called The Cat of the Left: The History of the Cartoon Cat in India, was published by the International Centre for Cartoon Studies (ICCS) in New Delhi on Wednesday.

It is a book of about 400 cartoons that depict various Indian cartoon characters including the Cartoon Cat and the Karnataka cat. 

It is not known what the cats’ original name was but its title is “The Cat”.

It was written by Murali Rao, a former Indian diplomat who is a professor at the Hindustan Institute of Management.

Rao says that as India grew, cartoon cats became popular, and cartoons were also seen as symbols of social harmony and equality. 

“They are meant to be funny and they are meant for children,” Rao said.

“It was a great success for the cartoon cats in India.” 

He also said cartoons were considered to be a political symbol and the Indians were very aware of their status in the world.

“But in the past 10-15 years, cartoons have become a political issue in India,” he said.

“It has been a very divisive issue for the country, because the cartoon cat has always been associated with nationalism.” 

The Indian government has banned cartoons in public places for decades.

But many cartoonists say the ban has been unfair and has hurt their artistic freedom.

Rajesh Sharma, a cartoonist and writer who runs the Cartoons for All website, said it is a mistake to blame the cartoonists.

“What makes a cartoon cat a cartoon is the way it is produced,” Sharma said. 

His site, which was launched in 2010, has about 40 cartoon cat illustrations on its website.

“The cartoons are always being changed,” Sharma added.

“We have been banned for 10 years, but people are still coming to our site for more cartoons.”

The cartoon cat, known for its blue and white stripes, has a distinctive feature that is often mistaken for its tail.

“People say cartoons are for children.

But if they are being censored, what do they teach their children?

How do they know what is a cartoon?”

Sharma said, adding that many cartoon cat characters in India are male.

“When I saw that, I thought, how can a cartoon animal look like a woman?

I thought it was wrong,” he added.

Ranjana Rao, who has been teaching Indian cartoons since the 1960s, said she is glad the cartoon animals are getting more recognition.

“I think the more people see the cartoons, the more the cartoon characters become more respected.

The cats will get more respect,” Rao told Reuters. 

Rao said the Indian cartoon cats are also a symbol of the country’s progress in education.

“They say that cartoons are just for children but we see it in the cartoons that people are studying the history of India.

That’s why they get more attention,” she said.

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