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The Duck & The Tortoise is the best cartoon on the internet, says Tom Hanks

The Duck & The Tortoise is the best cartoon on the internet, says Tom Hanks

Tom Hacks is a stand-up comedian who has appeared on TV, radio and newspapers.

But he is a very different person when he’s not on stage.

He’s a comic, an actor and an actor’s comedian.

He has become something of a celebrity in Australia, and in America too.

“He has had quite a lot of success,” said Tom Hancocks wife, Jo, when she first met him.

“Tom’s really good at what he does and we both know that we are a comedy duo.”

We’ve known each other since we were 16.

We both love to do stand-ups and Tom and I both love doing comics.

“The couple’s friendship has taken a big leap in recent years.

The pair are known for their trademark duck-themed cartoons, but Tom’s passion for them has taken on a life of its own.”

It started when I was a child, I watched a lot Duck cartoons,” Tom said.”

I remember when we were growing up, we would watch Duck cartoons all the time and they were really funny.

“And I remember the first time I saw the Duck & the Tortoise, it was on TV.”

That was the first Duck cartoon that I saw, I remember thinking, ‘This is really funny’.

“I started to think of myself as a comedian and I’m not ashamed of that.”

The duo have released several duck cartoons on YouTube and they’re both well-liked on Twitter, and Tom has a lot more success than Jo.

But Tom says his biggest success came from the fact he is known for his humour.

“Duck cartoons are not very popular in Australia.

I mean, people can be offended by them, they’re a little bit weird and a bit dark,” he said.

Tom says he loves to be funny and his duck cartoons are funny.

“I’m very good at being funny, but I also like doing comedy, so it’s a little different,” he laughed.

Jo says the couple’s relationship has changed since they first met.

“His wife is so amazing,” she said.

“It’s such a beautiful relationship.”

But the couple still have some time to get to know each other.

“So much of it is about me being Tom Hags wife and I want to make sure she understands that, I don’t want her to think I’m Tom Haggs wife,” Jo said.

And it’s been a long journey for Tom and Jo, from their family roots to the international fame they have today.

“You know, it’s not all about me and my family, it doesn’t have to be,” Jo added.

“But I just love Tom Haugys work, he’s just such a wonderful guy.”

A lot of the things he does are so funny and so genuine, so genuine that I want people to feel a little less afraid of what people think of us.

“Jo says she thinks Tom Hinks job is about to change.”

For me, Tom’s job is just about making the best work that he can,” she explained.”

When I see something like Tom Higs duck, I think it’s great and I don’ want to work for someone who’s just going to make me laugh.

“Tom’s Duck & Tortoise cartoon is available to watch on YouTube, Apple TV, Netflix and Google Play.

Tom Hanks Duck & Turtle, the first cartoon to be nominated for an Australian Comedy Award, is available on iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay.


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