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Cartoon character cartooned in cartoon porn

Cartoon character cartooned in cartoon porn

Cartoon characters are getting in on the adult porn craze, with one brand launching a line of adult toy porn featuring cartoon porn.

Adult toy manufacturer Pampers has partnered with PornHub, the leading adult video site for adult toys, to launch a line featuring cartoon characters.

The line, which includes characters from “The Simpsons,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Wanderlust,” features a variety of cartoon characters, ranging from characters like Homer Simpson, the cartoonish Simpsons, and Homer the cat to characters like Popsicle Man, the catlike Pops, and the cartoonishly hot Barbie.

Pamp’s website says the line features cartoon porn “from the worlds most popular cartoon franchises and stars like Kevin Hart, Johnny Depp, and Will Ferrell.”

The line is available at Pamp and AdultFriendFinder.com and will be available for $30 a month.

Pamp’s brand spokesperson told The Washington Times the line was launched in response to the proliferation of adult toys that have a cartoon-like cartoon-style look.

The cartoon character line, however, is an odd fit.

Adult toy companies have long been criticized for the portrayal of female characters in their products, and Pamp is the first company to attempt to break the mold by trying to get people to buy products based on a cartoonish look.

“The Pampering line was a response to how consumers are consuming content, and for some, that content has been seen as problematic, and this line is a product that aims to make that change easier,” Pamp spokesperson Jana Grosman told The Times.

“Pampers focus on quality over quantity in our offerings and we are proud to continue that commitment to making the most of our products and to our customers.”

Pamp also partnered with the porn-focused website PornHub to launch the line, offering the full catalog of characters and videos, and allowing customers to choose from over 100 different models.

PornHub founder Adam Weinstein told The Daily Beast that his company is also working with other adult toy companies to make its own adult toy line.

“Pornhub is looking for an additional partner for this line, so that they can be in the same place in terms of product quality and quantity,” Weinstein said.

“We have a very similar business model, so we’re looking for that partner.”

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