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‘Cartoon Cat Drawing’ cat is drawing cartoons to protect animals

‘Cartoon Cat Drawing’ cat is drawing cartoons to protect animals

A cartoon cat drawing is making its way to a new home in China, according to a website created by the animal rights group PETA.

The website called “Panda” features a series of cat drawings and animations that show the cats’ movements and reactions to various events.

PETA says it has posted a series on its Facebook page, and that it is hoping to make a big splash.

It hopes to draw attention to PETA’s work and raise awareness about animal cruelty.

The cartoon cat drawings are part of a PETA-branded campaign called “Furry Cat” that features illustrations of cats and kittens and cat drawings.

It features an animated cat called “Kittie” and a cat named “Bobby” that has “gone on a spree.”

PETA has a track record of promoting animal rights work and raising awareness.

The group recently launched a campaign to promote the “animal liberation” movement in China.

In 2014, PETA published a book called “An Animal’s Perspective on Life.”

Peta founder and CEO Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement that PETA wanted to show that animals are “a part of human society.”

She said PETA was inspired to launch the campaign by the furries who have posted their furry artwork online.

The cat drawings on the Panda site are part, but not the only, of the group’s work.

Peta has also published works in the past.

In 2016, Peta created a cartoon of a cat that mimics a child.

The drawings are made in real time, according a Peta website.

PSA’s “Funny Cats” project, which promotes animal rights, has received praise from many animal rights groups.

The organization is based in Chicago.

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