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Cartoon Network: Black Girl Cartoons ’90s Nickelodeon ‘Nico’ Returns in 2019

Cartoon Network: Black Girl Cartoons ’90s Nickelodeon ‘Nico’ Returns in 2019

By Laura M. GuglielmiPublished July 13, 2019 10:17:38In the last decade, a black female cartoonist has emerged to take over Nickelodeons home for women.

Black girl cartoonist Nisha Johnson-Johnson took over the Nickelodean sister network for women, the Cartoon Network, in 2017, and has since worked on a number of Nickelodeas biggest hits, including “Black Girl Nerds,” “Black Girls Rock,” and “Nico.”

She has also done shows on MTV, Nickelodeen and Cartoon Network.

While her work on the network is certainly groundbreaking, Johnson-Jonsons recent Nickelodeans debut is not without its challenges.

The network was struggling with ratings during the “Nino” era, a time when its flagship shows were airing at a loss and a number was dropping in viewers.

The ratings dip led to the cancellation of shows like “Tyranny of the White People,” “Nini,” and the critically acclaimed “Black Boy Nerds.”

As a result, Johnson’s work has been under intense scrutiny.

The Black Girl Nerder series, which debuted in 2018 and is one of her most successful series, is the first of its kind in Nickelodeony history to not be produced on a Nickelodeonic show.

Nickelodeonia is in the midst of a major shakeup and a lot of staff have been reassigned, including Johnson-Jones co-creator of “Nina” and executive producer of “Black Boys Rock.”

“Nico” is an animated series created by Nickelodeona co-founder and CEO Adam Carolla, with the first season airing in 2018.

The series follows the life of a white boy who is a black man.

Nickeloon’s new president, Adam Carollas, has expressed his disappointment with the series.

“Black Girl Nerd,” as the series is called, premiered on Nickelodeonerally in 2017.

The show is based on the comic book “Black Nerd,” written by Carolla and illustrated by illustrator David Mack, which was originally published in 1989 by DC Comics.

Johnson-Jr is an African American female cartoon artist who is considered one of the first African American cartoonists to break into the industry.

“I am so excited to finally see Nisha back in a Nickelon show,” said Johnson-Jamons creator of ” Black Girl Nerd .”

“It’s amazing to be able to do this for so long and see the network back in my corner again.

It’s a wonderful feeling and a blessing to be on a network that I’ve been a fan of for a long time.”

While Nickelodeonts new president Adam Carllas is not happy with the Black Girl, the network has made a lot more progress on gender diversity in its programming.

In 2018, “Blackgirl Nerds” was renewed for a second season.

That season also featured a number from “Nica” and “Blackboy Nerds”.

While the series premiered at a time of social injustice and inequality, the series also tackled the issues that Johnson-SJons work highlighted.

“We always knew that the show would come out and that it would be important for our audience to have a platform to talk about the work that was being done, because that is where our work lives,” Johnson-sJons co-creators said.

“It was always a challenge to talk to the network and to be heard, but it is an honor to have the platform to do that.”

The first season of ” Nico ,” which was canceled, aired in 2019, and was the first time a black woman took over a Nickelodonian series.

“Nieme is a wonderful and special person,” said Nisha’s co-executive producer David Mack.

“She’s a fabulous and creative talent.

She was always the person who could pull us in when we needed to be pulled in, and she was a fantastic writer and a fantastic artist.””

I can’t wait to see her return to the studio to work on more of our projects and be part of the animation team that brings you the shows you love,” Johnson added.

“I’m excited to see how she is able to continue to tell the stories of Black girls.

I think that is a huge accomplishment.”

Johnson-Jr, who will be the first Black female cartoon writer to appear on Nickelodons flagship show, will also be returning to the writing staff.

The writer, who is an associate professor at the University of Iowa, has worked as a producer for the network’s flagship series, “Nicky.”

She also co-created and produced “Trial of the Titans,” a critically acclaimed series that ran on Nickelos sister network, MTV.

Johnson-Jamon said her hope is that Nickelodeones staff can get to know her and their work.

“In a time where we are

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