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How to make cartoon flowers in your basement

How to make cartoon flowers in your basement

When you want to make your own cartoon flowers that look like your cartoon, you’re going to have to be creative.

That’s because the flowers are actually just tiny drawings that are printed on paper and glued onto a cardboard box.

The flowers are pretty easy to make, and the process is pretty straightforward.

All you need is some paper and a few tools, so you can make your very own flowery cartoon in your garage.


Cut the paper.

You want the paper to be thick enough to allow for the flowers to stick out of.

This is why you need a lot of paper, as the paper will allow the paper itself to stick into the flowers, and you’ll need to keep the paper on the paper if you need to clean it.

You also want the bottom part of the paper so that the paper won’t tear.

If you’re printing on a large-format printer, you might need to cut the paper down to fit into your printer, as it can take a while for the paper sheets to dry.


Make the flowers.

Cut a bunch of the little flowers into quarters.

This means you’re gonna need a few different sizes of flowers.

Make sure you cut the flowers in the exact same order they’re going in.

You don’t want them to all be the same size, so make sure they’re in the same orientation.


Make them in your kitchen.

I recommend making the flowers at home, but you can always buy the paper from the local craft store.

Make your own flowerprint from a bunch.

If they’re small, you can cut them in half.

If not, cut them into two pieces, and glue them to a sheet of paper.

Use the glue to make a rectangle, which you can then glue onto the paper, or you can use your hands to smooth it out.


Use glue to shape them into your flowery flower.

It takes a little bit of effort, but once the paper has dried, you’ll have a pretty pretty flower.



When you’re finished, you have a cute little flowery thing in your backyard.

If the paper gets too wet, you may need to dry it first.

Once it dries, you should be able to peel it off with your fingers, and put it in your freezer for a while.

It will keep its shape.


Use as you like.

You can put them in a glass container to use them as a gift or put them on your plate to use as a centerpiece.

The best thing about these little flowers is that they’re super cute.

They’re so cute that you’ll probably want to share them with your friends.

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