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Doug cartoon’s ‘The New Jim Crow’ and ‘Fascism’ aren’t racist, says Duggie cartoonist

Doug cartoon’s ‘The New Jim Crow’ and ‘Fascism’ aren’t racist, says Duggie cartoonist

DUGGIE (CN) — Doug Cartoonist Dan Duggies recent cartoon “The New John Roberts” isn’t racist in its portrayal of the Confederate states of America.

In the cartoon, Roberts is a white man whose family owns a grocery store and the owner of the store is black.

The comic’s depiction of racism is more than just an homage to the Confederacy, Duggis cartoonist told National Review.

“I think it is the first time in my life that I have ever seen a cartoon show with a character that has that kind of attitude toward black people and the Confederacy.”

Duggs cartoon is about a black man named Dugg, who has been sent back to a slave country after the Civil War.

“It is so funny,” he said.

“Because, in the cartoon you see that he is a black guy who has a white mother, who is a slave owner and has his own kids.

So, it is funny because he is trying to escape from the hell that the slave owners had to go through and his mother is like, ‘No, you can’t leave me alone with your children.’

So, he’s trying to get back home, he is just trying to make it as a white guy.

So he is the underdog.”

Diggs father, Robert, said the comic was meant to show that black people can’t be slaves, but the cartoon shows a different reality.

“What’s the big deal?”

Robert Diggs said.

His father said that he didn’t see the cartoon when it first came out, but he said it was “not a racist cartoon.”

“I have seen a lot of cartoons where people are getting into racial jokes,” Robert Digg said.

He said the cartoon is “just showing that racism exists and it’s something that can exist, but it can’t get out.”

“It shows that a lot, you know, of people who are trying to take advantage of black people, and I think that’s what people want to see,” he added.

Dugg says the cartoon “Fascists” is a tribute to President Donald Trump.

“Trump’s a good man and I’ve known him my whole life, and he’s one of my favorite presidents,” Dugg said.

Digg, who teaches cartoons at the University of Missouri, says he drew the cartoon while watching Trump speak at a rally in Alabama earlier this year.

“You know, he was talking about black people as if they’re animals, you get this idea of people, people being animals, but people are humans,” Digg told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“And it just shows, like, racism, it just just shows it’s a big deal.”

Digg’s cartoon was published on the Daily Caller on June 8.

It was reprinted in the New York Times, which called the cartoon racist, but did not mention the word “racism.”

“The cartoon shows that racism is alive and well and people can be racist,” Robert said.

The Daily Cartoonist, a cartoon magazine that publishes cartoons by comics creators, published the cartoon on June 1, the same day the cartoon appeared on the New Jim

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