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What you need to know about the pig cartoon controversy

What you need to know about the pig cartoon controversy

The controversy that erupted after a Google cartoon of a pig with the words “pig” and “cartoon” on it caused quite a stir over the weekend.

The cartoon shows a pig sitting in a chair.

A cat is sitting in front of it, and a cartoon dog with a pig’s head sits behind the cat.

The image is supposed to represent a group of cartoonists at a party celebrating the upcoming release of a new animated series, Pig.

The series is set to be released on January 20.

But Google quickly released a statement saying that the cartoon “does not represent the group’s beliefs, and has no connection to the group.”

“Google has never taken sides on the political spectrum, and we condemn any attempt to demonize people based on their beliefs or political beliefs,” Google said in a statement to ABC News.

“We have a diversity of opinions on everything from topics like climate change to politics and policy,” the statement continued.

The people depicted in the images do not represent us.””

The cartoons we post to our Google+ community are meant to represent what we believe and how we feel.

The people depicted in the images do not represent us.”

It’s been a rough few days for Google.

The company was the target of several lawsuits from conservatives who say it’s a “hostile environment” for minorities, including a lawsuit that accuses Google of discriminating against them because of their race.

Google is also facing a federal probe into allegations that the company hid racist ad targeting from customers in order to target conservative users, a probe that Google says was “completely unrelated” to the controversy over the cartoon.

Google said it is still working with the Justice Department to determine what the investigation will be.

Google has been a leader in digital advertising, which includes video ads and search advertising.

Google’s YouTube has been the most popular platform on the web for years, and its YouTube Red video service has become the dominant video service.

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