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When robots take over the world

When robots take over the world

Google has released an interactive robot cartoon for kids to see if they’re into the sci-fi robot-movie genre.

The animated show features robots called “robots of the future” as they explore a futuristic future where people have robot arms and a human body, and can build their own houses.

It is a mash-up of sci-Fi films, video games and anime that uses real-world technology to show robots taking over.

Robots can walk around the environment, use their hands, and even play music, among other things.

The show is not for kids and is a bit different from the usual cartoons.

The creators of the show have not confirmed whether they are actually going to put the robots on the market or if they are just taking a bit of inspiration from other cartoons.

However, they said the robots are in the works.

The company also has other robots in the same category including the “robot of the year” and the “robot of the century”.

The animated series includes a variety of robots, including the original “Robo-Mats”, which are humanoid robots with the head of a dog, and the other two versions of the robot shown in the show.

Robot of The Year: A robot with a head of an orange Labrador retrieverRobot Of The Century: A dog with a robotic armRobot That Is Cool: A humanoid robot with no bodyThe robots are created by robots company Rethink Robotics, and will go on sale in Australia this month.

The robots can also take part in “Games of the Year”, “Games Of The Year 2”, “Robots of The Week”, “Giant Robot Games”, “The Best Of” and “Robot Games”.

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