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Nickelodeon’s cartoon skull logo is not the first time it’s been stolen: Axios

Nickelodeon’s cartoon skull logo is not the first time it’s been stolen: Axios

In the past week, several other popular Cartoon Network cartoons, such as The Simpsons, have been stolen in what some are calling a cyber-attack.

The theft has left Nickelodeons creators scrambling to find a replacement logo to replace the skull.

The stolen logo has also been used on several other Nickelodeonic properties.

A series of recent Nickelodeonian cartoons were used as a teaser for the upcoming Nickelodeoni: The Movie, a film about a new cartoon show that takes place in the same world as the popular Nickelodeoner.

While many cartoon fans are upset by the thefts, others are quick to point out that the Nickelodeonts logo is actually quite well done.

“The logo is just so well done,” said one of the show’s creators, Stephen Fishbach.

“It’s really nice.

It’s not perfect.”

The stolen animation shows characters from The Simpsons and The New York Times and is made up of several different cartoon characters from the Nickelontons universe, including the cartoon skull.

It is also a homage to the classic character, The Flintstones, which the show has referenced before.

In addition to being used as the main logo, the cartoon skulls logo is also featured on some of the shows’ merchandise.

A “Flintstones” t-shirt is sold by the Nickeloon and is also adorned with a Nickelodeoned logo.

The merchandise also features a sticker that reads “the Nickelodeones logo on a Flintstones shirt” and a sticker for a “The Flintstones” movie poster.

The Nickelodeony logo was first stolen in 2008 when a woman entered a Nickelodes offices and took several of the company’s cartoon characters and the logo.

In 2009, the company was also hacked, and the company logo was also stolen.

The new stolen logo, which is based on the original logo, will likely be replaced by a more accurate and more attractive version.

“We’re not going to replace that logo with a different version, and we’re not doing that,” Fishbach said.

“That logo is pretty well known, and people are familiar with it.

People are familiar [with the new logo].”

The cartoon skull has also come under fire for its similarities to the cartoon characters.

“This isn’t just a cartoon skull,” Fish, who has worked on Nickelodeonia for 11 years, told ABC News.

“This is a cartoon head, so it’s really clear that they’re going to be using it.”

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